Lean thinking is embedded in our practice and core to how we approach our work and develop our people. We are committed to working in ways that respect people's ability to learn and improve in the interest of bringing additional value to our clients.


As a knowledge based practice, we utilize lean principles to inform all aspects of our work including problem solving, research and people development. We continuously seek out ways to improve and encourage our  people to make learning a part of their day to day responsibilities. We empower each person to challenge current thinking and bring a fresh perspective on how to improve our work.


By using A3 thinking to solve and  research issues with facts rather than opinions, we are committed to implementing change at the root cause level in order to ensure quality and minimize waste. We make tacit knowledge explicit so that we can share our knowledge and develop our skills in support of our work.


Everyone has a responsibility to get a little better at their work each day. We continuously strive to improve, refine and surpass today’s achievements tomorrow.


a healthcare design firm.